10 Most Influential and Reliable Home Automation Brands You Must Follow

Home automation is an industry filled with untapped opportunities and technologies that wait eager to be discovered. We’re extremely excited to see so much competitiveness between large brands and product manufacturers because that means we, the consumer are going to receive better products at more affordable prices.

Still, many brands tend to brag about their achievements without being totally honest about the flaws in their products and we don’t want to point fingers, but we do want to lead you on the right path.

For that, we decided to list out some of the most influential and reliable brands that will shape the home automation industry for many years.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the great future tech lead by these awesome companies.


Crestron is a leader in the home automation industry for over 20 years. Their wide variety of smart home products can't be compared with any other competitor in the industry.

The brand is an innovator in fields like smart shades and blinds, system integration and digital control panels.

Crestron designs premium audio systems and high-class presentation gadgets for both commercial and personal use.

Fusion® for instance is a complete solution created for monitoring and scheduling allowing you to improve daily presentations and to stay on-track with your work.

The system connects to Microsoft Office365, GSuite or Microsoft Exchange in order to synchronize your projects data.

They are quite impressive in other home automation fields like Networking and AV systems, Commercial Lighting, VoIP and even motorized window shades.

In fact, Crestron's Shading Solutions product is the only one in the industry that offers color matching service and lifetime warranty.

We also like Lutron Serena or Somfy, but from this point of view, we definitely choose Crestron.

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Lutron is the most prolific name in the dimmers and light switches industry and as you may know, these are essential for every home automation project.

In fact, their work has been featured in North America for over 50 years and has always received incredible feedback. Now, Lutron stands out with power-saving solutions, smart LED technologies that battle Philips Hue and top-notch residential sensors.

We really like Lutron because they break-out from the crowd with technologies that look and feel different.

For instance, their Caseta Wireless is a simple remote or wall panel designed to simplify the way you control shades, room temperature and the lights in the entire house.

On top of that, Caseta offers support for auxiliary gadgets developed by Nest or Apple's HomeKit.

Another astonishing product that makes Lutron so great is Serena, probably the most popular shading solution in USA nowadays.

Serena is a remote-controlled shading solution which can be Sheer, Translucent or Blackout. These shades are powered by battery and their design makes them silent and adjustable for any window.

Just like any other Lutron product, the Serena shades are 100% customizable and that's a major plus from us to Lutron.

You can find Lutron products at Home Depot or at pretty much every Lowes hardware store.


Everybody knows Amazon as the largest online retailer and probably one of the largest American companies ever created. However, not many realize what a huge impact Amazon has over the future of home automation.

Their project called Echo was featured by every major publication in the world and represents a grand move towards implementing artificial intelligence in our homes.

It's quite clear that Amazon used Echo and Alexa in order to enhance the shopping experience of Amazon customers, but the truth is they actually managed to pave the way for other huge companies like Google and Apple.

Echo seems to be evolving constantly and Alexa becomes smarter with every passing day.

For that reason, we consider Amazon's Echo one of the most influencing gadgets created in the last 5 years in relation to home automation and therefore Amazon won it's spot in the list.


Many people associate Samsung with their flagship Galaxy phones and high-end AV systems such as flat-screen TVs or 4K distributions. The truth is that Samsung plays a way more important role in this home automation industry than many other powerful brands, and that is mainly due to their hub called SmartThings.

The Samsung SmartThings initiative is the most popular hub and is used worldwide by top home automation integrators. The reason why SmartThings is so popular is due to it's easy of use and the high number of developers that support it.

SmartThings allows you to take charge of lighting, temperature, AV systems, security and even cooking. On top of that, SmartThings can synchronize with sensors and alerting systems.

It can also take charge of certain outlets in your home allowing you to monitor power consumption and even disable or enable these remotely.


I'm sure there's no surprise anyone that Google is in this list. In fact, Google plays the most important role in home automation from my perspective and I'm going to clarify my statement in the next few lines.

Google and home automation are no strangers. In fact, they took their first step in this direction when they partnered up with Samsung for SmartThings.

On top of that, Google is the one that developed the most widely recognized mobile operating system (Android) and the company is the holder of the most powerful search engine in the world.

Combine all those with the most stable AI (Google Now) and you have the key to every home automation system in the world.

Currently Google Home is one of the most popular products in the world and according to TechCrunch, they sold one unit every second since October 19th. In simple words, that means over 8 million Google Homes across US alone.


Canary's made a name of itself in the home security field through products that revolutionized the way we interact with our home and how surveillance systems work.

Their hit product introduced a small and powerful all-in-one security system that is just 6 in tall.

The Canary security system includes 3-axis accelerometer, a built-in speaker system, encrypted data and a full HD image recording camera that incorporates a highly sensitive motion-sensor.

This system includes an intelligent alert system which messages you on your phone whenever a person is detected. This will open up their application which allows you to remotely view all angles of the room and set off the 90 decibel alarm or call the police automatically.

We also enjoy Canary because it continues to innovate with accessories and tools that let you adapt their security system for outdoor or use it as a baby monitor.

On top of that, Canary helps you combine their affordable security technology so that you can cover the entire home or multiple locations.


Nest is another well renown brand that fights for a more connected home that can be controlled remotely. They are also pretty big in the green, eco-friendly niche, and we see that from products like the Nest Thermostats.

In fact, the fourth generation of the Nest Thermostat can save on average up to 12% energy on heating bills and 15% on cooling (check the stats), making it become the first ever thermostat awarded with the Energy Star certification.

Nest manages to do this by learning from your daily habits and saves energy while you are away and preheats the house for when you head back home.

Nest is also quite popular in the home security field offering a wide variety of smart doorbells, alarms systems and smart cameras that can be controlled remotely.

Nest products can be synced with Google Home, keyless smart locks and even lighting systems. As a complement to this, Nest also offers a smoke and CO2 detector which includes a stereo alarm system.


Wink is definitely not as popular as Google or Amazon in this list however it plays a vital role in the home automation industry. In fact, they are the main competitor for SmartThings and started out as Quirky in 2009.

The concept behind Wink is quite similar to Samsung's. They offer a wall-mounted panel called Relay and help you connect to all smart devices in your home.

The Wink software is connected to over 1.3 million smart devices and serves general consumers rather than tech-savvy users.

The list of brands and products compatible with Wink is quite long, but among the most renowned solutions we have Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue and Kwikset Smartlocks.

Check the list of brands and products and benefit from affordable smart system integration.


Hearing about Logitech will automatically make you think about computer components or sound systems. Logitech is well renowned in several other industries as well, but having all that fame in the AV industry led it towards embracing an untapped market, home automation.

As a result to this, Logitech started developing home automation gadgets and devices for security such as the Circle cameras or hub controllers like Harmony which gives you complete control over music, lighting, security cameras and thermostats.

We also enjoy the Harmony 650 remote controller which lets you take charge of all media in your home and even visualize each element in the small colored LED display integrated in the controller.


Control4 may not be the most popular brand in the list, but it's one of the first that appeared at the technology trade show called CEDIA in 2004. In fact, the company was a market leader in HVAC and multi-room audio systems for a while.

They still have a big influence in the industry and offer A to Z home automation planning and customized solutions for any project size.

Control4 became popular after the release of their Universal Remote which controls all the media and entertainment devices in your home from just one small device.

On top of these, Control4 offers smart lighting dimmers and wireless controllers as well as a suite of sound bars and video distribution solutions.


Apple makes small yet incremental steps towards being an influential brand in the home automation industry. We know that Apple is the innovator in so many fields and we expect it to make it's move once again for residential areas too.

Their HomeKit hub connects with hundreds of powerful smart gadgets such as Logitech Circle 2 (indoor and outdoor camera), the Philips Hue, heating and cooling devices or the Nanoleaf Aurora lighting systems.

It's also worth mentioning the powerful smart speaker they just released called Apple HomePod which seems to be the groundbreaking technology that will serve as a launching pad for their home automation future.


Not many people recognize Belkin as an authority in the home automation industry. The truth is that Belkin represents an innovator and the creator of WeMo products. WeMo represents a smart bridge which allows you to take control over other smart devices in your home.

The great thing about WeMo is that it is compatible with Apple HomeKit and you can do all these using your iPhone, iPad or even using voice control through Apple HomePod.

Belking is also a lead developer of the wireless charging technology and they place great importance on energy consumption optimization.

In the list of top products they feature a smart Insight Smart Plug which monitors the power consumption and a Bridge that is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Now Assistant and Apple's Siri AI.


We are glad to see so many impressive companies that made history in the technological industry fight for the supremacy of home automation.

What makes us even more happy is the fact that some of them decided to partner up in order to develop even more powerful gadgets and devices that will make our life easier.

In the following years we'll see a colossal growth in the home automation industry for sure. However, the truth is that only time can tell who the leader of this empire will be and what great technologies will they build.

We'll track their progress and we'd love to have you by our side in the meantime.

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